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“It’s fortunate for the sober community to have access to sober living and integrated services from ROC. Rosemary’s heartfelt dedication to health and wellness, her understanding of treatment to recovery, and its integration not only into ‘sober living’ but into a ‘sober life’ offers honest intention and ethical care.”

~ Dr. Brigitte L. Lank, Ph.D. CSAT

“I have had the opportunity to work with Rosemary O’Connor and her excellent Recovery services for several years. She is a role model for 12 step recovery. Her services for women and outstanding continuum of care has contributed a great deal by fulfilling the need in the San Francisco Bay Area for excellent treatment of addiction.”

~ Dr. David E. Smith, Diplomate American Board of Addiction Medicine
Founder Haight Ashbury Free Clinic

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Our Founder


Hazelden Author, Certified Professional Coach, Certified Addiction Coach

Rosemary O'Connor of ROC Recovery Services for women - sober coach - addiction coach - supportive sober living for women

Rosemary O’Connor, founder of ROC Recovery Services got sober in 1999 and understands the challenges of staying sober and rebuilding a rewarding life. For the past ten years as an experienced life coach Rosemary has helped hundreds of people to bring about positive changes in their personal and professional lives. She coaches clients individually and in groups to support, rebuild, and implement structure.

Rosemary has developed and facilitates experiential seminars that cover topics that include: career development, motivation, life transitions, overcoming fears, effective communication, healthy boundaries, self-confidence and a step-by-step process to reaching dreams and goals.

Rosemary O’Connor received a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from St. Mary’s College. In 2004 she received her coaching education from The Coaches Training Institute. A year later she was trained as a Leadership Coach where she completed more than 200 hours of experiential training. Rosemary is a certified professional coach and has a specialty certification from The World Coaching Institute as Certified Addiction Coach (CAC). She is a member of the International Coaches Federation and has completed training in the ARISE Intervention Evidence-Based Method. Rosemary’s work in the addiction field includes prestigious treatment center as a Recovery/Life Coach and workshop facilitator for Bayside Marin, Alta Mira Recovery Programs, Muir Wood Adolescent Family Program and Five Sisters Ranch. Rosemary serves on the advisory board of Stepping Stone, the oldest alcohol and drug recovery program for women in Northern California.

Rosemary O'Connor's

New Book

A Sober Mom's Guide to Recovery by Rosemary O'Connor - published by Hazelden - ROC Recovery Services for women

A Sober Mom’s Guide to Recovery
Taking Care of Yourself to Take Care of Your Kids

“Rosemary O’Connor is such a warm and experienced companion for women trying to manage the difficult and exhilarating path of sober motherhood. She has such a good sense of humor, and a lot of both practical and spiritual wisdom. I wish I’d had this book when I had my child in early recovery — I would have gone less crazy, less often, had amazing tools with which to navigate and enjoy both passionate challenges a lot more.”
~ Anne Lamott

Published by Hazelden September 2015.

TO PURCHASE BOOK click on: Hazelden, Amazon, Copperfields Books & Book Passage.



“Rosemary has helped me so much in my journey to recovery. She is very perceptive and a good listener, able to discern the feelings behind my words. Rosemary gently, but firmly, encourages and challenges me to grow and set positive goals. I am grateful for her wisdom and patience as she guides me in exploring new possibilities for more fulfilling life.”

~ K.L.

“Rosemary has helped me to start to transform my life by helping me to embrace my small progress and change which are adding up to victories in some challenging areas on my recovery path. She is subtle and sensitive and innately insightful. She’s supporting me in embracing who I really am… And when I forget or have a bad day she is there to hold the space for me.”

~ K.H., PhD

“With just a few sessions, Rosemary O’Connor helped me identify the windows of opportunity in my life, and set a manageable course to obtain them. She never waivered in her belief in me, and that alone was worth the price of admission. Her ability to gently delve under the excuses many of us create to avoid looking at what’s not working in our lives is nearly uncanny, yet always feels supportive and safe — like opening yourself to a physical exam with a doctor you’ve known and trusted for years. I strongly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a friendly and wise collaborator in taking an honest look at one’s life and where to go from here, free of self-delusion — and with it, self-sabotage. Best of all is Rosemary’s MO of working in partnership with her clients — thereby helping us gain the self-confidence to learn to problem-solve on our own more honestly and move forward more effectively. I recommend her without reservation and only wish I had found her earlier in my life.”

~ M.M., Attorney

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