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How to Have Fun In Sobriety

A Sober Mom's Guide to Recovery by Rosemary O'Connor - published by Hazelden - ROC Recovery Services for women - Fun SobrietyHaving fun and celebrating in recovery is a must.

The early days of my drinking were lots of fun. I was a party girl, and my friends called me Wild Rose. Back in high school my girlfriends and I started our nights of fun with a bottle of ninety-nine cent Tickle Pink wine apiece—we called ourselves the Tickle Pink ladies! Our favorite thing to do was to grab a bottle, put on our roller skates and skate down the boardwalk by the beach. We would drink, laugh, fall down, and get back up. To us, there was no such thing as fun sobriety.

I continued drinking for the next twenty years, even after I became a mom, until the fun stopped and all I was left with was consequences. When I first came into the rooms of AA, I thought my life was over, that I had been sentenced to a life of lack and limitation. I feared that, without drinking, I would have no personality at all and would become like a hole in the donut—just a dull, boring woman. After all, everything I’d done for years was centered around getting drunk. For me, fun had to include alcohol.

My sponsor asked me, “What do you like to do? What do you enjoy?” Like many a newcomer, I had no idea what I liked.

She suggested I get active in the program and hang out with the sober people who were living life to the fullest and know what fun sobriety is. So I just started doing my life.

I got together with other sober people and threw some of the greatest parties, including luaus, pool parties, birthday, and sobriety parties. We celebrated holidays together and took classes together. We planned elegant dinners, played games, and went snow skiing, water skiing, and camping. We ran triathlons and marathons and played in sober softball leagues. We went to ball games, movies, and concerts. We traveled to Hawaii on vacation and attended sober conventions all over the world. We got our kids together and had slumber parties and picnics at the beach. We laughed, shared meals, and drank a lot of coffee. Best of all, we modeled for our children that life can be a lot of fun without drugs and alcohol. Before I knew it, I was having more fun sober than I ever had while drinking and the bonus was that I remembered it! Today, I realize that I certainly did not become a hole in the donut. Instead I’ve become the fancy donut with sprinkles on top!

Sober Mom’s Tools
 for Having Fun and Celebrating Life
  1. Find sober sisters who have similar interests, and do things together. When you see another woman in your group who you’d like to get to know, ask her to go for a walk or go to coffee.
  2. Get out of your comfort zone and try different activities and hobbies. Start paying attention to what intrigues you and do it, even if it feels uncomfortable at first.
  3. Throw a theme party. Include your kids in the planning process and invite their friends or your sober sisters’ kids as well.
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