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A Sober Mom’s Tools for Overcoming Guilt

Guilt is the constant companion of the alcoholic or addict, maybe even more so for a woman. Every mother feels guilt Overcoming Guilt eBook by Rosemary O'Connorabout her parenting from time to time. That’s doubly true for women have created drama and caused distress for their children by drinking or using—possibly inflicting psychological damage.

In my new FREE ebook, “A Sober Mom’s Tools for Overcoming Guilt”, I share the five tools for overcoming guilt and share my personal stories on how you can:

  • Stop parenting from guilt and forgive yourself.
  • Learn how to find time for you!
  • Tap into your Higher Power to help you remove your feeling of guilt.
  • Stop beating yourself up and be kind to yourself.

Many times the guilt caused me to double over, sick to my stomach with a flood of tears.  The only thing which eased the pain slightly were the women who cared for me and told me they understood because they have felt the same way in the past and have moved past these feelings.

I hope that this FREE ebook will help you ease your pain with guilt. Download it here: Overcoming Guilt

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